Elena Smilyanskaya

Dr. Elena Smilyanskaya
National Research University, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia  
Senior Researcher

Areas of Special Interest:
History of the Imperial Russia, the Mediterranean policy of Catherine the Great, the Russian Orthodox religiosity, and the anthropology of the religious mind

PhD, BA, Department of History, Moscow State University

+7 -916-960-83-56

Elena Smilyanskaya (Smilianskaia) is professor at the National Research University, the Higher School of Economics. She is a specialist in the history of the Imperial Russia, of the Mediterranean policy of Catherine the Great, of the Russian Orthodox religiosity, and of the anthropology of religious mind.

Selected Publications:

  • Dr. Smilyanskaya is author of the books:
  • The Greek Islands of Catherine the Great: Russia’s Imperial Realities in the Mediterranean, Moscow: Indrik, 2015. 424 p.;
  • About One’s Own Land, about One’s Own Faith, about the Present and the Past in Russia in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries: Study of Oral Narratives, Moscow: Indrik, 2012. 472 p.; editor, author of p.49-166);
  • «Russia in Mediterranean. The Archipelago Expedition of Catherine the Great», Moscow: Indrik, 2011. 840 p. (editor, co authors Irina Smilyanskaya, Mikhail Velizev);
  • Russian Old Believers in Bessarabia: Book Culture and the Church Singing, Moscow: Indrik, 2007. 432 p.; co-author with Nikolay Denisov, Magicians. Blasphemers.
  • Heretics. Popular Religiosity and ‘Spiritual crimes’ in Eighteenth Century Russia, Moscow: Indrik, 2003. 463 p.; second edition: 2016;
  • A Nest of Gentry in the Middle of the 18th Century Russia, Moscow: Nauka, 1998. 204 p.; With co-authors E.Ageeva, N.Kobiak, T.Kruglova, Manuscripts of the Upper Kama Region: 15-20 Centuries, Moscow, 1994, 459 p.