Ana Dumitran

Dr. Ana Dumitran
National Museum of the Union, Alba Iulia, Romania
Art Historian

Areas of Special Interest:
art history, pre-modern history, history of culture, church history, auxiliary sciences of history, paleography

PhD, The Romanian Academy, “Nicolae Iorga” History Institute, Bucharest
BA, “Babeş-Bolyai” University, History Faculty, Cluj-Napoca

0040738 75 88 97

Dr. Ana Dumitran was born in 1969. She received her PhD in church history in 2003 from the “Nicolae Iorga” Institut of the Romanian Academy in Bucharest. She was Beneficiary of “George Oprescu” prize of Romanian Academy, in the field of art history, in 2013. She is Senior editor of MUSEIKON. A Journal of Religious Art and Culture, published by Museikon department of the Alba Iulia National Museum of the Union. She holds the position of Curator at National Museum of the Union, Alba Iulia, Romania and is the head of Museikon department.

Selected Publications:

Fecioarele înlăcrimate ale Transilvaniei. Preliminarii la o istorie ilustrată a toleranței religioase / Weeping Virgins of Transylvania. Preliminaries to an illustrated history of religious tolerance, Editura Altip, Alba Iulia, 2011 (co-authors Hegedüs Enikö și Vasile Rus)

“That He May Be the Donor and Be Remembered in the Holy Liturgy.” Donations of Artwork to Romanian Churches in Transylvania Down to the Mid-Nineteenth Century, în Daniel Dumitran, Valer Moga (eds), Economy and Society on Central and eastern Europe, LIT Verlag, Wien-Zürich-Berlin, 2013

Icon Painters of Lancrăm, in Transylvanian Review (Cluj-Napoca), vol. XXI, suppl. np. 1, 2012

I pittori della Cattedrale greco-cattolica di Blaj, in Arte Cristiana (Milano), nr. 869, marzo-aprile 2012

“Representations of the Three Faced Holy Trinity in the Romanian Environment from Transylvania. Theological Significations, Ways of Spreading, Diverse Ways of Artistic Expression” in Cristina Bogdan, Silvia Marin-Barutcieff (eds), Actes du XIVème Congrès international d’études sur les danses macabres et l’art macabre en général, Editura Universităţii Bucureşti, 2010

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