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Database Resources & Guidelines

Bibliography / Citation Style

For the bibliography and citation style please follow the guidelines given by the Dumbarton Oaks – Byzantine Publications – Style Guide. For issues of style not covered in this guide, consult The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th ed. (Chicago, 2003).

Please transliterate the authors / editors and all the other information regarding the publication with the exception of the title, which remains in the language it is written.

Example: Y. Boycheva and A. Drandaki (eds.), Θρησκευτική Τέχνη από τη Ρωσία στην Ελλάδα, 16ος-19ος αιώνας (Athens: Benaki Museum and Institute for Mediterranean Studies – FORTH, 2017).


Whenever transliteration is necessary please follow the Transliteration Guidelines by The Library of Congress.

Regarding the romanization of the Greek characters please follow a simpler romanization without diacritics (diacritical marks and accents).

Example: Ησίοδος / Hēsiodos (romanization according to The Library of Congress System)
Hesiodos (the version we prefer)

A simpler romanization without diacritics is preferred for the Russian as well.
Example: Красноярск / Krasnoi͡arsk (romanization according to The Library of Congress System)
Krasnoiarsk (simpler romanization – the version we prefer)

Names of Historical Figures & Persons

In the relevant “name” fields of a historical figure or contemporary person (including the authors and editors, etc) please prefer to write the surname first and then the name as in the examples: Boycheva, Yuliana; Drandaki, Anastasia; Arsenios, Archbishop of Elassona.

Locations Coordinates

Whenever entering a “new Location” in the system please enter the exact coordinates. Read instructions:

here &

Vocabularies & Thesauruses

We have created a Thesaurus Vocabulary for the “Object” entity in the database, linked with the “Object Kind” and the “Components Categories”. Access to THEMAS Thesaurus is currently limited to team members only (login is required – please contact us).

Both Synthesis Information System and Themas Thesaurus Management System are developed by CCI, ICS-FORTH.

A useful vocabulary resource is The Art and Architecture Thesaurus by The Getty Research Institute

You may also find useful the ICOM guidelines and standards on documenting Art Objects and creating an Object’s ID.