Dr. Lora Gerd

Dr. Lora Gerd
CéSoR (Centre d’ études en sciences sociales et religieux) – EHESS, Paris

Areas of Special Interests:
Russian policy in the Ottoman Empire, Greek-Russian relations in the 19th and early 20th century, Russian church policy

PhD, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg State University


Dr. Lora Gerd has been chief researcher at the Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg Institute of History). Her research is focused on the Russian policy in the Christian East, the ecclesiastical ways of influence in the Ottoman Empire and the role of Russia in the competition of the great powers in the eastern question. She is involved in projects concerning the church history of Egypt and Syria; she is also interested in the history of Byzantine studies and the study of Greek manuscripts. She has edited a number of primary archival sources, such as the correspondence of George Begleri, 1878-1898 (2003); the Journals and reports of Antonin Kapustin (priest of the Russian church in Athens and Constantinople, 1850-1865 (4 volumes, 2015-2017); and archives on the history of St. Panteleimon monastery on Mount Athos (2015).

She has participated in the projects: “Open Jerusalem” and “The church of England and its relations to the Orthodox East” and has directed the project “Russia and Mount Athos in the 19th and 20th centuries”. She is a regular participant in international conferences and invited lecturer at EHESS (Paris), Cyprus University (Nicosia), Lund University (Sweden), and a foreign correspondent of the CéSoR (Centre d’ études en sciences sociales et religieux) at EHESS, Paris. During the last years she has been working on projects concerning the Russian policy in the Patriarchates of Alexandria and Antioch (19th and 20th centuries).

Selected Publications

Russian Policy in the Orthodox East: The Patriarchate of Constantinople (1878-1914), Warsaw-Berlin: De Gruyter Open, 2014. ISBN 978-83-7656-032-8.

“Sacred objects in Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Canon Law”, in M. Salamon, M. Wołoszyn, A. Musin, P. Špehar, M. Hardt, M.P. Kruk, A. Sulikowska-Gąska (eds.), Rome , Constantinople and Newly-Converted Europe. Archaeological and Historical Evidence, Uźródeł
Europy Środkowo-wschodniej/Frühzeit Ostmitteleuropas 1, 2, vol. II (Kraków-Leipzig-Rzeszów-Warszawa 2012): 13-24.

“Russia, Mount Athos, and the Eastern Question, 1878-1914”, in L. J. Frairy, M. Kozelsky (eds.), Russian-Ottoman Borderlands. The Eastern Question Reconsidered, Madison, (Wisconsin: The University of Wisconsin Press, 2014), 193-220. ISBN 978-0-299 29804-3

«Η δήμευση των μετοχίων των Ανατολικών Μοναστηρίων και Εκκλησιών στη Μολδαβία και Βλαχία στα 1860 και ο ρόλος της Ρωσίας» στο Η εξακτίνωση του Αγίου Ορους στον Ορθόδοξο κόσμο: τα μετόχια. Θ΄ διεθνές επιστημονικό συνέδριο. Θεσσαλονίκη 21-23 Νοεμβρίου 2014. Πρακτικά. (Θεσσαλονίκη, Αγιορειτική Εστία, 2015), 229-243.

“Ο «Ἁθηναίος» Αντωνίν Καπούστιν”, στο Απόκαρδίας. Μνήμη Δημητρίου Χ. Πάντου. (Αθήνα: Ελληνική επιτροπή σπουδών Νοτιοανατολικής Ευρώπης, 2016), 81-100. ISBN 978-618-82821-0-0

“Russian Imperial Policy in the Orthodox East and its Relation to Byzantine Studies” in A. Alshanskaya, A. Gietzen, Ch. Hadjiafxenti (eds), Imagining Byzantium. Perceptions, Patterns, Problems, Byzanzzwischen Orient und Okzident , 11 (Mainz: Verlag des Römisch-GermanischenZentralmuseums, 2018), 93-100. ISBN 978-3-88467-310-2

Lora Gerd and Yann Potin. “Foreign Affairs through Private Papers: Bishop Porfirii Uspenskii and His Jerusalem Archives” in Angelos Dalachanis and Vincent Lemire (eds.), Open Jerusalem. Vol. 1. Ordinary Jerusalem. 1840-1940. Opening New Archives, Revisiting  a Global City (Leiden-Boston: Brill, 2018), 100-117.

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