Dr. Nadezhda Chesnokova

Dr. Nadezhda Chesnokova
Institute of World History,
Russian Academy of Sciences
, Moscow

Areas of Special Interests:
History of Byzantium, Post-Byzantine history

PhD, Institute of World History of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
BA, Moscow State “M. Lomonosov” University, Faculty of History

+7 906 779 64 57

Nadezhda Chesnokova graduated from Moscow State “M. Lomonosov” University, Faculty of History. She is Chair of the History of Middle Ages; She is Doctor of History and Senior Researcher at the Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Science. She has been lecturing on the history of Byzantium and post-Byzantine history in Moscow State “Lomonosov” University, Philological Faculty; at the Russian State University for the Humanities, Faculty of History, Political Sciences and the Right; at the Russian Orthodox “John Theologies” Institute, Faculty of History; at St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University.Faculty of History. She is author of over a hundred scientific publications and recipient of the Award Metropolitan of Moscow and Kolomna Macarius (Bulgakov).

Selected Publications

“To the History of Russian Art Monuments in the Sinai: Reliquary for Relics of St. Catherine of the XVII century”, Ancient Russia. Questions of Medieval Studies, 2017, No. 4 (70), p. 64-70 (in Russian)

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