Nikolas Pissis

Assistant Professor Nikolas Pissis
History Department, Ionian University


Areas of Special Interest:
Early modern Russian-Greek relations, Apocalypticism,
the Phanariots’ knowledge culture

PhD, Department of Philosophy and Humanities, Free University of Berlin
BA, Department of History and Archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Athens

+30 6979213212

Nikolas Pissis was born in 1979 in Athens. He studied History and Archaeology at the University of Athens and History of Eastern and Southeastern Europe at Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich. In 2017 he received his PhD from Freie Universität Berlin with a dissertation on Russia in the Political Imagination of the Greek World 1645–1725, that was published (in German) in 2020 by Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Göttingen. Since 2008 he has taught courses on Modern Greek History at Freie Universität Berlin. From 2012 until 2022 he has been research associate at the interdisciplinary collaborative research center of the same university Episteme in motion. Transfer of Knowledge from the Ancient World to the Early Modern Period. Since October 2022 he is assistant professor for the History of East and Southeast Europe at the History Department of Ionian University.      

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