Nikolas Pissis

Dr. Nikolas Pissis
University of Berlin
Senior Researcher

Areas of Special Interest:
Early modern Russian-Greek relations, Apocalypticism,
the Phanariots’ knowledge culture

PhD, Department of Philosophy and Humanities, Free University of Berlin
BA, Department of History and Archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Athens

+49 3030202656

Nikolas Pissis (Athens, 1979) studied History at the Universities of Athens, Tuebingen and Munich. Since 2012 he has been Research Associate at the Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 980 at Free University Berlin. He teaches Modern Greek History at the Institute for Greek and Latin Philology, Free University Berlin. In 2017 he received his PhD from the same university with a dissertation on “Russia in the political imagination of the Greek World, 1645-1725”. His research interests include among other topics early modern Russian-Greek relations, apocalypticism and the Phanariots’ knowledge culture.

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