Dr. Ana Kostić

Assistant Professor Ana Kostić
Department of History of Art, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Belgrade
Assistant Professor, Art Historian
Research Assistant

Areas of Special Interests:
Religious Art and Visual Culture in Serbia and the Balkans in the 19th century, 19th century Orthodox painting, icons and religious architecture

PhD, Department of History of Art, University of Belgrade
MA,  Department of History of Art, University of Belgrade
BA, Department of History of Art, University of Belgrade

email: anchikostic@gmail.com
Phone: +381 69 65 18 55

Dr. Ana Kostić is Assistant Professor of History of Art at the University of Belgrade. Her main research areas are Serbian 19th century art, Balkan visual culture, the religious art in Serbia and relation between religious art, society, state and politics. Dr. Kostić received her PhD degree in 2016 from the University of Belgrade, and her Thesis was on the connections between State, Society and Religious Art in the Principality of Serbia (1830-1882).

She has published among other things, the book Crkveni kompleks u Lozoviku, 2017 ( Sacral complex in Lozovik). She is coeditor of the volume Studije vizuelne culture Balkana (Balkan visual culture studies, Vol. 2, ed. N. Makuljevic, A. Kostic, Belgrade, 2019). Kostić was participant in several bilateral projects and international conferences, and she is co-organizer of the Annual conference of the Center for Visual Culture of the Balkans and Association of Historians of Early Modern Art and Visual Culture (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade)

Selected Publications

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